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Adopt 8 Success Story: ‘Safely surrendered,’ adopted into forever home

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Joseph is a toddler who was "safely surrendered" at a local hospital last year. He was just two days old when he went home from the hospital with a foster family who has since become his forever family.

In this Adopt 8 success story, Joseph’s parents share heartfelt words for his birth mother.

Jen and Dean tied the knot at Disneyland in 2003, then waited 14 long years for their wish of having a child to come true.

In fairytale style, the couple received an unexpected call from their social worker that would change their lives.

"I still think that it was complete luck that we got called,” said Jen.

Hours later, they were at the hospital holding the baby boy who would soon become their son.

"I remember that moment,” said Jen. “I remember opening up the blanket, changing him and just thinking, ‘oh my gosh, he's so tiny, I gotta be really gentle and careful.”

Jjoseph, was born at the hospital where his birth mother “safely surrendered” him under California's Safe Haven Law.

"We don't know what her circumstances were, we don't know her, don't have a name, don't know where she lives, don't know anything really, other than, she did a really good job,” said Jen.

“We always say that his mom loved him very much and she couldn't take care of him, so she gave him to someone who could,” said Dean.

Jen feels the same.

"One of the things I always tell him is that his birth mom loved him so much, that she was willing to let him go to have the life she wanted him to have and maybe not the one she was able to give him at the time and for that, we're forever grateful. And we hope that he will be too,” said Jen. “That is a huge act of love to say, “I can't keep him, but he's worth keeping,’ and boy is he ever.”

“It's gotta be a tough choice, but there are a lot of homes out there that are willing to adopt,” said Dean.

The family is enjoying their happily ever after as they celebrate all of Joseph's milestones.

"There are so many kids out there who need forever homes,” said Jen. “These are kids that literally live next door to you sometimes and you just never know.”

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U or click here to access the free orientation schedule.

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