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Adopt 8: Two brothers in need of a forever family

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SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Two young brothers are ready to make the transition from their foster home to a forever home.

In this Adopt 8, News 8's Marcella Lee shows us how the boys are blossoming.

The two are hoping one day, when they get to the end of singing the "A-B-Cs" they'll have a mom or dad to sing along with them.

"It's time," said protective services worker Alanna Chiler. "They need a stable, loving home that can meet all their needs, where they can feel safe.

"[They need] a family that is active and will do fun things with them. As you can see, they have a lot of energy."

5-year-old Maurice and his two-year-old brother Devoted have been raised in the foster care system.

"Devoted's been almost his whole life - since he was 4 months old," said Alanna. "And Maurice has been on-and-off for almost his whole life too. Four out of the five years."

Fortunately, these bonded brothers have been living with the same foster family for the past couple of years, which has allowed them to thrive.

"They've done really well since being in a stable home," said Alanna. "Maurice, especially, has grown a lot."

Maurice will be six years old in August and is developing into a responsible little boy.

"Maurice is such a good helper," said Alanna. "He loves helping his foster mom with cooking and baking and is always asking what he can do to help her out."

He's also a great role model.

"He's a really good big brother," Alanna said. "He's always looking out for Devoted giving him snacks and he teaches him good manners. He says, 'Devoted, that's not nice, you need to say "thank you", you need to share' So, he's always helping him. He'll help him get dressed and do his hair."

The boys have learned to roll with the punches; they're outgoing and love to explore.

"They love being outside," said Alanna. "They love nature. Going to the beach is one of their favorite things.

"They're both really funny and silly. I have so much fun with them on car rides, just playing at the park."

Alanna says Devoted has reached the age where he wants to be independent and do his own thing, unless he's trying to keep up with Maurice who is a budding athlete.

"I think he would do really well being on a sports team or something," said Alanna.

Both boys are curious and were especially thrilled to find a caterpillar and talked about a caterpillar becoming a cocoon and then a butterfly.

Now, it's time for these brothers to spread their own wings into a new forever family.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U or click here to access the free orientation schedule.

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