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Success Story: Local family adopts 4 children

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - They are a family of nine that gets this question a lot:  

"They say, 'how many kids?'" said mom Christy. 

They have seven and won't rule out adopting more.  

"What's one more?" Christy said.  

Christy and David had the same outlook in 2012. 

"Three's hard - what's one more?" said Christy.  

We first shared their success story after David, Christy and their three biological children welcomed sisters Sierra and Alyssa into their home, through San Diego County Adoptions.   

At the time, Liam was outnumbered. 

"He said next, can we adopt a boy now?" Christy said.  

Now, five years later, Liam has two little brothers from two different countries.  

"The journey's been really incredible," said Christy. 

The family turned to international adoption after the three older kids learned about the need.  

"They heard about a need in Africa, and we found a country there with an HIV crisis - one in three people have HIV in this little country," Christy said. 
But while they were going through that process, their San Diego social worker called to tell them there was a newborn biological brother to their daughters and asked if they would take him. 

A precious photo was taken as Sierra and Alyssa held their biological brother Jaedon for the first time.  

Then, days later, the family received news of another big blessing. 

"The phone rings again and it was the African agency, they said, 'Christy and David, you've been matched with a little boy.'" Christy said. 

They were sent these photos of Mohale, and cherished each one during the agonizing waiting period.    

"It took us two and a half years to go through all the hoops to bring Mohale home," said Christy "We went as a family last year and got him." 

"The African trip was quite an experience taking the whole family to south Africa," David said. 

Mohale and Jaedon instantly bonded and all of the children comforted Mohale to make him feel safe.   

"It was a whole different set up than the county adoption," David said. "But either way it was - the end result is a little kid, so it was good." 

The boys' siblings all agree on one thing, describing their brothers as "amazing." 

And Liam got his wish.  

"They're not like playing with a girl," he said. "I finally got two brothers and they like playing rough." 

And the family encourages others who are considering adoption to pursue it.  

"Oh my goodness, I cringe to think that we could've missed out on our children," said Christy "It's a gift." 

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U. 

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