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5-year-old Akilah in need of a forever family

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - There's a need to find a special family for a special little girl. Five-year-old Akilah is currently living in a foster home, but it is time for her to transition into a permanent home. This little girl, of Samoan descent, deserves the unconditional love of a forever family. 

Her giggles are infectious, her sweet smile melts your heart. Akilah has been diagnosed with autism, and though she isn't able to speak, she finds other ways to communicate.

“She is very expressive, she does not hesitate to grab you by the hand and guide or direct you to where she wants to go,” said Jocelyn. “If we're looking in cabinets for food, she'll direct your arm where to go.”

Jocelyn has been Akilah's foster mom for the past year and a half and says Akilah is a loving and affectionate little girl.

“She loves to give kisses, they may not look like a normal kiss, she doesn't necessarily pucker, but she'll put her face on your face and smash it,” said Jocelyn.

But what Akilah needs now is a forever home.

“I think the ideal family for Akilah would include older siblings,” Jocelyn continued. “She does well, as far as being with other kids, she loves just the interaction, she lights up whenever she sees other kids. Her natural demeanor is very joyful.”

“She just enjoys everything with her full body, because she doesn't speak with her mouth, you'll see her waving her hands in excitement, or shaking her head and just with glee,” added Jocelyn.

And, Akilah feels right at home in the pool.

“She loves anything to do with water. So swimming, or just playing at a water table, or even in the sink she just is like a little fish. We gave her swimming lessons over the summer and she was just so comfortable in the water, going under the water,” Jocelyn said.

She also loves music.

“She will jump up and down and rock and sway and twirl. Music is one of her favorite things,” noted Jocelyn.

And the hope is that Akilah will find a forever family soon to help her continue to thrive. 

“I just hope that she's able to be in a family where there is a lot of love and patience. I say unconditional love, because some of her behaviors may be misinterpreted because she does have autism,” explained Jocelyn. “So an ideal family would be one that they're able to be attentive.”

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

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