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Zach and Abigail's success story

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Zach and Abigail were adopted as babies, and have known no other life, than the one with their forever family. Both children have overcome adversity, with Zach calling his life a miracle.

What may look like a simple game of tag between siblings is really an extraordinary gift.

“They told us that Zach wasn't going to be able to walk or talk or run or anything,” said Victor, Zach’s father.

But look at him now, 15-year-old Zach is doing everything doctors feared he wouldn't be able to do.    

“He's never happier than when he's running, talking, eating. He snowboards, he plays basketball and swims,” continued Victor.

As a baby, Zach had been in and out of the hospital with seizures, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a host of other health issues, Victor and Chelley remember the day they brought him home and became his forever family.  

“It was his first birthday and he was in costume, and he's been in costume pretty much ever since. He loves to wear costumes,” said Chelley.

Zach knows he has beaten all odds and the family's faith has kept them strong.

Victor and Chelley decided to adopt through San Diego County when their biological son Filip was about six years old.

“It's in my family. My dad adopted my sister. My brother adopted his daughters. My younger brother ended up adopting his wife's first son and when Chelley asked me, I said I think we should adopt, said Victor.

After Zach, came Abigail who was drug-exposed in the womb and only five months old when the couple brought her home on Mother's Day. 

Abigail, who's 10 now and also thriving, has a deep appreciation of her parents:

“To me they're probably the best people in the world.”

Every now and then, she thinks about what her life would have been like without them:

“Sometimes I wonder who would feed me.”

But most of the time Abigail is just busy being a kid and hanging out with her brother Zach.

“I'm glad they did adopt my brother, because I would be too lonely then,” said Abigail.

Zach agrees that life is good.  

“I'm happy, I got a sister who gets on my nerves sometimes but we're best of friends, nothing can part us. We're like two peas in a pod,” said Zach.

Their big brother Filip says his siblings have inspired him to adopt one day. 

“It's been a good experience, because not only does it teach you how to deal with other people, it helps you learn to love,” added Filip.

A legacy of love that's rewarding in so many unexpected ways. 

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

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