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Ariana and Floyd hope to find a forever home

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - These two siblings showed up dressed to impress for this Adopt 8 segment.

These well-behaved siblings are in need of a forever home, and Ariana and Floyd wore their Sunday best just in case their future forever family sees this report.

Ariana and her little brother Floyd love to sing the alphabet song and if they could spell out their number one wish, a forever family would top the list. 
Though they are happy and carefree and now living in a stable, loving foster home, this dynamic duo has had to endure a lot. 

“Both Floyd and Ariana have had numerous moves. Since they've been in foster care, and it's been very difficult for them, Ariana has had to move schools several times as a result of those moves,” said protective services worker, Sarah Wilson.

But this resilient seven-year-old is persevering at her new school, where she just finished kindergarten. 

“She's taken a lot of pride in doing her school work. She'll say I have homework to do, and she'll sit down, and she'll do it,” continued Sarah. “And she enjoys having that one-on-one time with an adult to help her with her homework and feels very prideful when she's done with it and she's finished it.”

Floyd just celebrated his third birthday. 

He's climbing to new heights, exploring the world and is a good communicator for his age. 

“He is very verbal, he can say very long sentences, he can answer pretty much anything you ask him,” explained Sarah.

And we quickly learned that Floyd is captivated by airplanes.

Each time a plane passed overhead, Floyd would stop to point it out. 

“He loves airplanes. He loves cars, he loves pretty much anything that goes especially things that catch his attention which airplanes are obviously the thing today, he very much enjoys,” Sarah said.

He definitely keeps you laughing - especially with his changing expressions. 

“He has such a personality, he makes more faces than I've seen any kid make. He's hilarious,” Sarah added.

And when Floyd needs help, like he did at the park when his shoe fell off, Ariana is right there by his side.

“She just loves him. She keeps up with him, and she's very good at compromising with him, and doing what he picks first, and understanding he's younger than her, and she's a very good big sister,” said Sarah.

All they need now is a forever home.

“And we would really like for this next home to be their last home, where they can grow up together, happy, secure and happy together,” said Sarah.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

CBS News 8 would like to thank Shane Hopkins of Shane & Lauren Photography for taking the photos featured in the above video.

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