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Sisters living apart hope to find one forever home

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – They’re currently living in two different foster homes, but the goal is to reunite sisters Aubrey and Athenia in one forever family.  

First, I met Aubrey and then it was time to find her little sister, Athenia. Being together makes these girls happy and full of giggles.

Time together is precious, because seven-year-old Aubrey and four-year-old Athenia are currently living in two different foster homes.

“In the car, Athenia said to me, I love my sister Aubrey, well I said, I'm sure she loves you too, and she said, I love her more. Which I thought was very sweet and very endearing from a four-year-old. She describes Aubrey as her big sister and she does follow her around quite a bit,” explained protective services worker, Maychao Moua.

Both girls are doing well in school.

“Aubrey's doing good,” continued Moua. “She gets along with her peers, she's doing work, she's on task, so yeah, she's doing great.”

And Athenia is very verbal for her young age.

“Remembers everything, can't tell her a thing without her not recalling it, so I know she's very bright,” said Moua. “I met with her teacher just last week, and her teacher says she is very bright.”

And what these sisters need is one forever home to take in them both. 

“I think it would be a tragedy for them to be separated,” Moua noted.

One forever family to give these sisters the unconditional love and stability they deserve.

“They have that bond, and I could see when I first placed them into these two different homes, the fear was, am I going to see my sister, or when do I get to see my sister,” said Moua. “And that was the very first question when I dropped them off at their respective homes, was when do I get to see my sister? So I think it would be sad, not to have them placed, or not to have them adopted by the same family.”

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

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