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Patience, Andrew & Symphony wait for a forever home

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – They're extremely well-behaved and very good listeners. But because they're a sibling set of three it's been a challenge to find them a forever family.

They were close to finding a permanent home at one point, but the person who planned to adopt them was deployed. So Patience, Andrew and Symphony, who are in the third, sixth, and eighth grades, continue to wait for a family to call their own.

With an adorable five-year-old sister around, 13-year-old Symphony and 11-year-old Andrew can't help but giggle with her and smile. Her name is Patience and her sweet personality does make you pause and relish her pure joy.

“Patience, the little one, she's awesome, she has tons of energy, she seems like she'd be really good at gymnastics,” explained protective services worker Marvin Roxas. “She does cartwheels all the time. I've seen her at school and she does cartwheels the whole time I was at school with her.”

Andrew doesn't mind being the only boy in the trio. When asked what he likes best about his sisters, he says that they're cool and funny.

His favorite subject is writing and he likes to play soccer.

“Andrew sometimes he seems quiet, but once you get to know him he opens up like a book and tells you everything,” continued Roxas.

And Andrew had no hesitation answering if he would like to be adopted. His answers: yes.

Symphony wants the same thing. The three siblings are living together with one foster family, but with an uncertain future. They would all like to find a permanent home.

This eighth grader deserves parents to watch over her, having stepped up into that role for her younger brother and sister.

“They're really good kids. Symphony really looks after her siblings. She makes sure they wake up for school, eats their breakfast,” Roxas added.

I found all of them to be extremely polite and really good listeners.

“They're doing really good in school. They need some guidance sometimes, but they listen when you tell them they need to do something. They follow their directions,” Roxas said.

Patience and her siblings shouldn't have to wait much longer to find stability and unconditional love.

“We need to get them a home as soon as possible so we have someone consistent for them to be their parent and look after them,” Roxas noted.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

We would also like to thank Boomers San Diego for hosting a fun day at the park. And also photographer Deborah Divis for volunteering her time to take the Heart Gallery photos you saw in our story.

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