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Kevin hopes to camp and cook with a forever family

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Twelve-year-old Kevin has memories of living in a homeless shelter. That's one of the reasons he's so thankful for his foster family, and the stability they provide for him. But now Kevin is hoping for something more permanent in a forever family.

Charismatic, and energetic, Kevin still has the excitement and wonder of a little boy. Even before he made his first putt, Kevin was determined to retrieve a golf ball from this water hazard at Boomers San Diego. Later, when his ball stopped rolling just shy of the cup, Kevin got creative. He knows his golf lingo, and was so thrilled when he got a hole in one.

You can't help but smile at Kevin's joy.

This seventh grader has suffered a lot of hardship in his young life. Kevin remembers living in a homeless shelter.

"It has a lot of people," he said.

Then he spent time in a group home, which is why he feels so fortunate to now be living with a foster family.

"It's better because we don't have levels most of the time. We get to eat real food," he said.

But what Kevin is really hoping to find is a forever family to call his own.

"I want a family, have brothers or sisters, older or younger, either way," he said.

It doesn't matter, he says, as long as they're his family.

"I would like to have a family that goes out on their back or front patio to and have a campfire, and inside we play video games, watch TV, have breakfast in bed while we watch TV," he said.

Breakfast in bed that he will serve to his parents and siblings.

"I will cook for my family," he said.

Kevin can't wait to try out his recipes.

"So far I'm learning how to cook. I've learned how to cook cakes, banana cakes, carrot cakes, banana bread and omelettes," he said.

Kevin has hit some speed bumps in life, but he isn't letting that slow him down. He continues to stay positive and upbeat as he enters his teenage years.

Kevin deserves the love and stability of a family to lead him down the right track so he can continue to thrive.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U or CLICK HERE>>.

We would like to thank Boomers San Diego for hosting a fun day at the park.

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