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3 siblings on calendar cover find a forever family

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - What a difference a year makes for three of the kids on the cover of the Chargers-San Diego County Adoptions Calendar.

The calendar is an effort to raise awareness about the need for adoption and Jocelyne, Miguel and Gabriel graced this year's cover. And now, we are so happy to bring you their Adopt 8 success story.

It was a little more than a year ago when I first met Jocelyne and her twin brothers Miguel and Gabriel. They were living in a loving home, but with foster parents, who were more like grandparents and what they needed was a family to care for them long term. So we profiled the kids on Adopt 8 and the couple that would soon become their mom and dad, happened to be watching.

“My wife and I were sitting at home, watching the news, and the news segment came on and we saw the three kids, and it was probably the turning point for us,” said David.

David and Lynn had just completed all of the requirements to adopt through San Diego County Adoptions, but were still unsure about what the future would hold. They had already faced struggles starting a family with failed infertility treatments and a heartbreaking private adoption that fell through, when the birth mother changed her mind.

“That kind of left us in a place of reflection, and a little bit of, maybe it's not meant to be,” added Lynn.

But then they saw the story featuring Jocelyne, Miguel and Gabriel.

“And we just, immediately went, that's the children,” continued Lynn. “It was just the closeness you saw on the playground and you saw their enthusiasm, their energy, everything you see right here, is what captures your heart.”

“We're blessed beyond belief and the happiest day of my life was the first day I got to see her. You go through the fear of them maybe not liking you or but she took to us right away, they're all just so affectionate. And they're all super, super sweet,” explained Lynn.

Seven-year-old Jocelyne feels the same way about her parents.

She's a great mom and she always loves us,” Jocelyne said. “My dad always loves us.”

And her six-year-old brothers want their mom and dad to know:

“That I love them.”

“I love them.”

In the short time they have been a family, they have enjoyed a lifetime of memories.

“This is what was meant to be, through all the challenges and all the disappointments,” Lynn said. “This is the family we're supposed to be. We couldn't be happier about it.”

And they hope others will see their success story as an inspiration to adopt.

“I would encourage you to do it because there's a lot of great kids out there that are needing to find a home,” said David.

By the way, the family still keeps in touch with the kids' foster parents, who continue to be grandparent-like figures in their lives.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

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