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Two-year-old Jeremiah is in need of a forever family

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He's a two-year-old boy who has been showered with love by his foster family since he was an infant. But they are more like grandparents to Jeremiah, who is now in need of a forever family.

And his foster parents are hoping a special family comes forward to give him a lifetime of love.

"He loves to smile and giggle and be held," said protective services worker, Emre Iscan.

Jeremiah is a medically fragile child, who was once a healthy baby boy.

"This was not something that's organic. It's not a condition he was born with," continued Iscan.

When Jeremiah was just four-months-old, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and was placed in foster care.

"Despite this tremendous adversity, he's made remarkable strides in his current foster home. He's thriving, he's doing remarkably well," explained Iscan.

Jeremiah is blind in his left eye and has only partial vision in his right. His foster parents work with him daily to improve his muscle control.

"He can sit up for a few seconds with some assistance. He's come a long way through physical therapy and occupational therapy, but it's kind of a dream or goal of the current caregivers to see him sit up on his own. He's working on it," Iscan said.

His foster dad tells me that Jeremiah really loves snuggles and kisses and responds well when you engage him one-on-one.

Jeremiah's foster parents are more like grandparents to him, and it is time now, for Jeremiah to find a forever home.

"We're looking for a family with a lot of love to give and a lot of flexibility in their schedule and time to tend to Jeremiah's routine medical appointments and developmental services," Iscan explain.

But his foster parents would like to remain in his life, and also offer respite for his forever family when needed.

"They've had Jeremiah since he was five-months-old. They're very attached to him, they adore him, unfortunately they can't adopt, but they're fully willing to help the transition with a new family," said Iscan. "Teaching them how to care for Jeremiah and teaching them about his medical needs so they're fully on board."

If you're interested in adopting, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U during regular business hours.

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